Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Exam results...

One of the toughest times for people who have just has  exams is waiting the months in between the exams and when they find out their results... There is a results day this Thursday for many around the UK who have taken January exams... we are going to know our first grades of the year. For me personally I will be getting back my psychology! I am predicted an A but I tell you all now that is not going to happen. AT ALL. I will be lucky to even pass this exam, of course I will have the option to re sit it later in the year, but I doubt that it will help because me and exams are old enemies. There are many more people I know getting their results back on Thursday, some are worried, some a mellow and some are excited because they know they have done well. Oh I envy those clever people... knowing that they are going to do well! GRRR. Now there are the people like me who are very worried about what they get, hoping to show themselves that they can do things well, or maybe their families. I know for me I am going to get murdered by my family if I don't get grades that they like... which makes me worry all the more. I guess I will have to wait and see what Thursday brings. Hopefully good grades and smiles for everyone, but you never know. I will report back soon! Then again I might not depending on if I am alive or not.....! TTFN.

I think this is a bit of a random post, with no meaning or need... just a few facts shoved in... haha oh well :)

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