Monday, 25 March 2013

School... bad or good?

It's amazing how fast things can change in life... for instance somethings pick up for people on one side but for another they can fall dramatically. In my life, things at the moment are getting better with my lovely boyf, I am spending more time with him which is making me a lot happier, something I have needed for a long time. Although my school work is a bit..... (to say the least) CRAP. One of my biggest problems at school is my coursework for my health lessons, now I will say it now... BTEC Health and Social care, so for all you out there that are my age or have been in school and had this option... do not think it's easy just because it is a BTEC. Everyone assumes that because there is no exam for it , that it is easy because it is just writing things down. This really gets to me because this basically leads a lot of people to the idea that those who take it are stupid.. It annoys me because people have NO idea how much work there is for it... looking at the work that others do, we get set a new assignments each week that require as much work as others subjects ask for... I am sick of people complaining about the subject, making comments about how it must be really easy when they have no idea themselves how much work there is. Sorry that was more of a rant.... ANYWAY, recently I have been getting behind on this work and it's really starting to show.. no sleep, worries, and just generally feeling sad.. (I have some amazing friends though to help me, luckily) As well as all that work to catch up on I recently had a history mock... that was hell, although I managed to get a B in both papers which I am so happy about because I normally bomb exams... hopefully it will all go as well in the real thing in May... although anything can happen... I have no point to this blog... just rambles I think, and please don't judge people... just because you THINK you know something...!

I have noticed whenever one thing starts to go right, another starts to fall down. So at the moment my life outside of school is chirpy, whilst my work is scraping along the floor... I intend to use these 2 weeks holiday coming up for Easter to revise my ass off and catch up with all of this work I am getting behind on..! Easter means chocolate... which means happiness... haha, so hopefully it will be a good time for me :) Role on the sun &spring...! GET OUT SNOW! Thank you for reading... feel free to comment your opinions, if your in the same position as me... or know how I can feel better and organise myself more! Thank you for reading... HAPPY SOON TO BE EASTER! xxxx

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