Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Our world...

Just a small post tonight as I am finding it practically impossible to keep my eyes open! So when I was coming home from hockey I noticed the moon... looking cool as normal, and it got me thinking about how small we are. I know this might seem weird and bizarre, just that's me haha :') It's a full moon tonight so it looks brilliant, and it is rather a clear night so if you are able to right now, go and have a peep at it! :) (if you can see it at all...) 

So anyway, getting back to my point, I was
thinking about how small we all are... compared to a lot of things around us. So while I was gazing away at the moon I was amazed at the size, it's always something I will never be able to get my little head around... how BIG it is out there... then even further from that, unlimited space! I will never be able to understand that one haha, space... just going on and on and on and we have NO idea what is out there, I am not saying that I think it's full of aliens (but I won't rule it out right now) but the thought that there could be another world out there like ours.... BOGGLING. 
Other than that of course there are things on this planet that will amaze me due to their size also, like those big ass sharks out there, and the blue whale.... just amazing really, how something can be so large! Try and imagine yourself next to something that size... that's alive. I say alive because I know there will be some people out there who are thinking I am an idiot because there are buildings 100 times the size of anything in our oceans etc... (Just use your imagination here and go with me)... I might seem weird by saying this but just thinking about what is out there, other than us and how large they are makes me see how fragile we all are really... it's an mind blowing to think about somethings out there, so if you have a few minutes of spare time, perhaps before bed tonight, or work in the morning.. think about some interesting things out there... don't get carried away though.. ;) time flies when your having fun haha! 

Thank you for reading :) feel free to comment if you like, Micky xxx


  1. nice post. Some of the things I like to watch/video tape are ants. They are so small and yet have a huge world of their own. I wonder if what they think of us or how they actually view the world. It's just amazing when you really think about our planet and all life. :)
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  2. Thank you! I was thinking about including them in the post, huge world for them, it's amazing! Agreed :) Thanks for the read xx