Sunday, 17 March 2013

Some little things...

This time I want to talk about a few things I have made... or enjoy... or have been given :)

The start of the edge
Patches put together
One edge!
A pig and a heart my Grandma knitted
As a 16 (nearly 17 can I say) year old I am not like most.. interested in drink at every party they go to and in love with fashion and socialising.. my friends think I am a bit weird because I don't like alcohol or parties.. What I do spend my time doing though is knitting. Now I will give you a few minutes to stop laughing at me... finished? Good. Now I do it because my dear old granny (yes it's her again) loves to knit. She was brought up with who was taught be her Grandmother. Now I spent a lot of my summer days last year at her house, and eventually after all my gardening tasks were done she would spend the afternoon teaching me how to knit. I had tried it before but gave up pretty quickly because I was useless! Although this time I stuck with it...! I set myself the challenge of knitting a blanket for myself by Christmas 2012... and I have to say, very proudly, I did it! :) 


Instagramed Golden Eagle
Wheat in the Wind
 So as you might also be able to tell.. I am a huge fan instagram... feel free to follow if you read this if you have it.. I think my name is mickleshaw :) As I love taking photo's anyway, i thought I would try it out and i love it because I can add different effects to my pictures to make them look cool :) So here are a few examples :)


Sooty <3

Mavis <3
My nails!


Lemsip that my brother made me! <3
The Shaw Hall of photos
I hope you enjoyed those... They are a little boring probably for some people, but I enjoy them all, they either mean something to me or have a memory attached to them! :)

Here are some more things that I want to share with you all,  they are all the things I love that I own...;
This is a canvas my friend Chrisi made
 me for Christmas! I love it! <3

Paper Chain... 

 I think you have probably had enough of all my photo's and belongings now haha, I hope you enjoyed reading and veiwing this... Thank you :) feel free to comment and follow!

Cath Kidston make up back! <3
Nail Polish and Crackle.... 
Other end of paper Chain!
My great great aunt's clock given to me...

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