Thursday, 28 March 2013

A journey

Hello again, whilst I was writing up my post last night it got me thinking about our world... even more. I have always wanted to travel around the world.. and at 16 I have never been abroad! Which sucks because I would love to go somewhere completely new for a change! Anyway, in the future I would love to go around the world and visit as many places as possible. I thought I would write where I want to go and why for my new post, so here goes! 

1. Australia, starting from the furthest away... Just everything about Australia invites me there, the wildlife, oceans, people and just everything! There are several places which I would really want to go to see, the Great Barrier Reef of course, just the amount of life teeming there would be amazing... Bondi beach! That is another where I would love to go! Although the fear of sharks would keep me from swimming...! Another place would have to be Ayers Rock... As well as going to all these specific places I would just hope to see some of the fantastic wildlife that they have, I won't list it all because it's pretty much everything. Although I would die of a heart attack if I met snakes, crocodiles, or some huge ass tarantula! I do know that if I ever appeared in Aussieland then I would meet some of these lovely beasts! But hey, it's all worth it!

2. Italy, somewhere I have wanted to go for a very long time! Now there is a few places in Italy I wanted to visit, like Rome, Venice, Florence, Capri & San Gimignamo, they are all some awesome places to visit! They all have wonderful architecture & and also character! I make it my mission to definitely go there one day :) I hope there are some of you out there who have had the pleasure of visiting sure a lovely area of out world!

3. India, I would love to go to the more rural areas of India, to see their culture and their wildlife out there, something like that I would love. Helping some families that needed it in the poorest parts etc. A great life experience! 

4. Africa, now there are so many places where I would like to visit here, they would all be amazing, seeing the animals and the plants etc! I would be in heaven, looking at the cultures that are hidden.. rivers and lands that have been lost to us. Truly amazing scenery... A safari would also be VERY cool when there...!

5. USA... now I don't think I need to list all the places I want to go here, as there are loads, but going to the most popular places I would love to do. They would all hold new experiences really! It is so big that it would take me months to see as much as possible, but it will be great :) 

6. Canada.... BEARS! That is why I want to go mainly... to see some bears and to see some beautiful scenery! I hope to one day fulfill my dreams and get this all done :) If not then I will be forever sad haha.
 Thank you for reading :) Hope you all enjoyed this post, maybe you have been to some of these places yourself? Or live there...! If you have a comment then feel free to post it :) TTFN! xxx


  1. I want to go to India someday too! My friends went last summer and I was majorly jealous, their pictures were amazing.

  2. I hope you get to go one day then! Thank you for the comment :)