Saturday, 23 February 2013


For all those who know me out there... will know that I am not very good at concentrating. You could have a conversation with me and I would probably be wondering what is for tea or making a dragon fight a stick man in my head... somethings are probably better left up in my brain though... SO anyway, I thought I might go through some ways that I use to help myself concentrate... mainly I play with them for a little bit to try and get some motivation back to do the work (there is a lot of work to do people, a lot)! So....

1) I introduce you to Mr. Yellow... as you can see, he is a lovely yellow chap who has the ability to STRETCH... I do hope that many of you readers recognise him... we first met a few years ago when my Granny brought some for me.. I carried one around constantly UNTIL............... his arm came off... I may have accidentally stretched him too much, but anyway, I have invested in some more... to be exact I brought 20 online :) so when one breaks I have a spare, I am not trying to say that I am I serial stretchy man killer... but just in case I have back ups. They are excellent to play with and twiddle around with if your having a melt down with work, and the best thing is that they are so cheap to buy! Get some people, you will not regret it!

2) Well... this next item is something I have been wanting for a very long time... I always need to do something with my hands, I can't just have them flopped there not doing anything, therefore I play with my pen, elastic bands OR.... my tangle! Now this beaut can also make a stressful situation worse if your not careful, meaning you might 'tangle' it into a knot and then get stuck (I do that often)... But anyway, I also recommend one of these to people out there who get stressed and need something to do!

3) Lava lamp. I know you can't take one of these to work or school with you but when your at home... it's so relaxing and funny to watch the lamp bubble away. I have had mine for years, and I am turning it on right now to try and get the bubbles bubblin' they are so much fun it's ridiculous. I know they might not seem it, but the shapes they make are a hoot in a bottle really. If you mad people don't have one of these inventions then I strong;y suggest you GET ONE NOW! Just think of the hours of bubbletastic time we could have! Have a few moments looking at the lava and then begin work again, the things you will be able to do! All calm and dazed by the coolness that you have just seen!

4) Now I may be a 16 year old but the excitement of stickers.. .woah, stickers. Just the word gives me the joy as I think about them. I love them to pieces, you feel so special when you open your work and find a little star with a smiley face staring at you saying 'Well Done'! Ahh it's good I tell you!  A recent situation came to me, it means I now have my own stash of stickers, even though they are ALL mine, I reward myself when I think I have done well. Now this entertains me a lot, and it also means I get a  good sticker! People, having stickers on hand is important, you can reward yourselves, use it to stick paper back together, please someone else, save a life (use it as a plaster) there is so much more that you can do too, but I don't want to brag about their awesomeness!

5) My final thing for today... it has to be music. Music makes me calmer, depending on the kind of music that I listen to... I have a wide range on my Ipod but different playlists for different moods. I am an open book I must say when it comes to the music! my Top 5 most played songs are;
1) Cut by Plumb
2) Your Song by Ellie Goulding
3) Skinny Love by Birdy
4) Lithium by Evanscence
5) Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
For me these songs are just... AHH.. I know they are not to everyone's taste, and for me some other songs by the same artists suck, but I choose a song that I like and I listen to it over and over! I like old songs, and new ones.. but overall they all seem to keep me relaxed and calm when I start stressing about things that I don't need to. Acoustic covers are one of my favorite types of music to listen to because they are so natural and relaxing. It's just nice to hear the natural true talent for what it is!

I know everyone is different in the way they help themselves de-stress and concentrate, but for me there are my top 5 ways to get back into action! I hope some of you readers feel the need to go and invest in some stretchy men.. seriously they are so fun, and they only cost about £1 for 20 of them! >:) BUY SOME! Thank you for reading again, feel free to comment! Always welcomed!


  1. lol at 'I may be a 16 year old but the excitement of stickers.. .woah, stickers.'

    I have a bit of a phobia of stickers but it deffo worked when I was younger!

    And oh my goodness, a tangle!! I wish I still had one. :) Nice post.

  2. I also have a habit of playing with my hair ties. Unfortunately, I've snapped quite a few that way. My favorite way to relax and concentrate is with a nice cup of tea!

  3. I would play with hair ties myself.. but with short hair now I have lost them all, I wouldn't want to snap them across my fingers either haha, thank you for the comment! I am glad your a fellow tea drinker, there is no other calming method to beat it! TEA IS THE BEST!
    And thank you Danielle, but a phobia of stcikers! :O admittedly I couldn't go without them! You should invest in one now.. they are too fun to miss out on!