Friday, 15 February 2013


Today I read a child's book... I just sat and read it out loud at lunch.. So I have decided to talk about books. Personally my favorites are the older ones which are nice and short! I am not trying to say that I have not developed past 5 year old stories because I have (slightly) I love a good book, scary or full of love... but who can beat "The Gruffalo"? or "Dumbo"?? NOTHING will beat the childhood stories, ever :) Also when books end... it's like my world ends! Harry Potter.... when there were no more books, ahh what happens then! You just have to start reading them all over again to take it all back in!

I have not been a very good reader in public, but the other week I was asked to read to my form of about 20/30 people... and I did it rather well... I wasn't nervous and I didn't mess up.. for me that is an achievement! If it was having to do a speech then I can assure you that it would have gone a lot differently.. I would never have been able to do it, I think it was relaxing to know that it was a child's book I was reading, a favorite of mine that I mentioned earlier... The Gruffalo! I must say you can never be too old for it, it brings out the hootful side in most people. If your not a fan of the children's books still then YOU ARE MAD. Okays? ^_^

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