Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Right... every year I face the same problem, it never gets easier, if anything it get's a lot harder... You might be able to relate to this... PRESENTS?! Whether its a friends birthday or Christmas,  I struggle so bad with getting present's for people. Last Saturday was a birthday for a close friend, and I ended up getting her some things that were fun and a little odd... she has an obsession with Stitch (as in the kids film) so I managed to get her some stickers and a purse with him on (I got her other stuff not just that) but it seemed like she enjoyed the stickers more than a 17 year old should, someone like her I can find little things to please them.... BUT some people are just impossible. So on the 17th it's my boyf's birthday and I have no idea what to get him... I am completely clueless and he won't give me ideas and everyone else is pretty useless at presenting ideas. I am stuck, so if anyone has suggestions... then PLEASE TELL ME. Desperate need of help here. I love wrapping presents, even though I am useless.. especially when the gift is not a perfect box. I have problems. I hope there are more people out there that find present choosing hard because I surely cannot be the only person, I have a great imagination at times, but I don't think some of what I have in mind is suitable for a 17 year old... help needed guys.

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