Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Now, I have never been a big supporter of football admittedly for certain reasons, although I have recently become more into because since the late summer of 2012 I have been going to some Sunday football matches for my boyfriends team... I have some good friends who also play for them too it's nice to go along and support them when I can. Now that kind of football I like... it's fast, skillful (at times) and mostly fun to watch and shout at them when they do something wrong or good! Now we all have the occasional outburst where we shout at the ref for making a terrible decision... but mainly they are good matches and good to watch. What I can't stand is when it comes to 'professional' football. This just ticks me off it really does, they get paid absurd amounts, abuse their roles in society and much more. NOW I KNOW THIS IS NOT EVERY FOOTBALLER! I have heard a lot about them in the paper and on the news about cheating on their wife's or girlfriends... taking drugs, drink driving, being racist on the pitch to other players, and of course... the amount of money they get paid confuddles me. I can't understand why they get paid so much to kick a ball around? I know it counts as their job, but why? They get paid more than a surgeon who saves lives every day! I just don't get it. Then it comes to SOME of the fans, I get that some people get into the game too much... but from all the years on the news that I have seen reports on the crowd going mad and killing, attacking and causing serious harm to other people?! WHY?!?! I seriously don't get why people do it... it's just a game? One game surely isn't a good reason to go throw a brick in someones face because your team lost? Is someone out there has an explanation to what drives SOME people to behave like this then please... go ahead and tell me your opinions...?

I understand that football is important to some people. I know my friends take it seriously when they play, but they don't start fights (all the time), they aren't rude to the other players... What makes people take it SO seriously that they start attacking the opposite teams fans or abusing their players? It's just sick...

So there is my confusion and rant on football... If you have your own views then please feel free to tell me them.. thanks for reading.

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