Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A small rant on fools

 I found myself in rather a increasingly severe situation today... I nearly got crushed by people. Now you may think I am some foolish child that walked into someone today, well my friends that is NOT the case. I was attempting to collect a folder from a bench when it all began! As a fellow midget (I am considered small at the height of 5ft 4 when everyone else around me is scaling 6ft or above) I was plodding towards my folder, which was in clear sight when suddenly a mosh of year 13's decided to barge in front of me. AHHHHH. In the situation I panicked of course, thinking that was going to be the end of my life as I was going to be crushed to death by these giants. Well here is what happened; the gap between me and my folder was closing and these MAMMOTHS were piling on me (walking past me and stopping in front of me) then to make things better, someone decided to stand on my tippy toes, which can I add, was very very very painful. BUT THEN I did the most amazing thing (in my opinion) I bopped, I slid, I shimmied and I kinda tripped and maybe shoved my way out of the mosh! It was not elegant at all, it was embarrassing, but you know what! I got out of there! :)
This is what I feel I faced?
I really cannot stand it when people get in my way, I have a short temper I know, but when people get in my way it just drives me up the wall! For example, people that walk in front of me so I stop to let them get past and then they stop too and just gather around each other and talk, leaving me stood there with no where to go! WHY?! Why do they insist on doing that? Hmm it will always amaze me how people manage to do this and not notice they are in the way of everyone else, or maybe it is just me being a grumpy teen (probably that tbh) but please.... if you have ever found yourself in that kind  of situation comment and tell me your tales because I cannot be the only person out there that finds themselves stuck with a crowd of fools who get in the way, maybe you too have some fancy moves to wriggle out of a crush? TTFN readers!! Enjoy your evenings!

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