Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I was asked today what I wanted to do in my future. My answer as always was "I don't know", so now I wanted to take the time to ponder about it... Being a single 90 year old with 20 cats probably isn't something to look forward to, maybe I should aim a little higher for the rest of the 74 years of my life before I get to that stage? Well after thinking a little, I have come to the conclusion that I probably will end up being that old woman, but at the age of about 40 instead of 90 as I really have no clue... When I was a little child, I wanted to be a vet, I have a crazy mind when it comes to animals and pets, I love them! I currently have 3 ducks, maybe a little random but they are a hoot! I soon came to the realisation that I was never going to be clever enough for that job, it sucked, but I moved on, animals will always be my passion though, I will always love them and I AM going to have a dog when I am older.. named 'Scooby'. In year 9 I decided I would like to try forensic science, although... I soon realised that my science skills were not as up to scratch as I had hoped, so that too went out the window. I now have no idea what I want to do, I have been told to look at being a nurse or a midwife? Maybe I will... I hope all you readers out there have a job you enjoy or if your in school, I hope you know what your aiming for in life! Good luck!
I am going to now go and figure out what I should look at in life because I think living on the streets begging for money each day is not a good life choice... Toodles. 

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