Sunday, 20 January 2013


Well... I'm guessing it is the same all around the UK at the moment, the big fiasco of SNOW! We have the children that run around grabbing their wellies, plastic coats (that are too big for them), woolly hats (the occasional one with tassels, they are the best), and of course their little mittens! I hope everyone's childhood was like that, getting ready to dash outside and throw the occasional snowball at anything that moves! The main objective though is to make a snowman isn't it? If not then there is something wrong with them... At that age it's okay, there is normally a parent around to help them... maybe to add the final ball to the top as the head, completing the coolest (see what I did there.. 'cool'est ;) ) thing ever created. At that age it is expected of you to go and do that sort of thing, making snowmen and being with your mum or dad to help you... As a 16 year old now... I face the struggle of deciding what to do.. do I go and attempt to build one on my own and risk looking like a fool who has no one to play with? Or do I FORCE my parents to come with me... and risk looking like an incapable teenager that cannot lift the final ball on my work of art? Well this year I have sadly sat inside completing the never ending amount of coursework. Not cool at all. I have sat, gazing out my window, watching the snow fall carefully, getting deeper and deeper! That's how grumpy I am... Anyone with the slightest sense of fun would be out there firing snowballs at little children and making a snowman that towers above anyone else's! I just want to get all my warm clothes on and DO IT! So.. you wonder why I don't go and do it? Well that is because I live in a small village... full of little people.. and opposite the only playing field we have. So throughout the year I get the delight of listening to screaming children playing and arguing about who is in charge, but when it gets to this time of the year where there is snow, I seem to get the delight of HUNDREDS of children running around, screaming at their parents for not collecting enough snow and the occasional crier who has cold hands. If I was to be out there making a snowman of my own imagination then I would want no one else around... I would want all the snow to myself and looking at the terrible abominations (I lie, they are amazing snowmen... ONLY BECAUSE THE PARENT'S DID IT) I would feel the need to destroy some of them to make mine look slightly better... I have been informed by my brother that it is not socially acceptable to destroy something that belongs to someone 10 years younger than me... So that my friends is why I sit staring longingly at the snow instead of going outside and rolling in it. I hope that all you out there have not been as grumpy as me this year and I hope you have gone out and made some amazing snowmen! Your never too old ;) 
Part of the park!

Little paw prints...
What I do enjoy about the snow is the foot indents! A fresh piece of snow that no one has walked on or disturbed is rare... so THAT is where you run madly, no matter who is around, no matter how much of a mentally deranged person you look like, and you make the first mark. Stamp down your feet and then stand back and admire your footprints. Don't forget you are the first person to make your mark in that specific place.. your now special! (Very 'special' if someone see's you doing it)... Seeing little paw prints in the snow makes me smile... I don't know why, I find it cute... On the other hand I find it mean.. don't you? I mean.. surely the poor little feet of whatever have plodded through the snow have to be freezing cold? If you don't agree with me... take of your socks (if your wearing any) and go and plod around in the snow... COLD ISN'T IT?! So how must the little doggies or cats feel? Hmm... I wonder if there are snow boots for animals to keep them warm.. If not, then I may have just given you a genius idea, right? Snow shoes for animals... ;)
Although what I do enjoy about the snow right now, not caring about the little children that irritate me on ridiculously high levels... Is the scenery.  I find it magical, like Narnia? No matter where you live, something covered in snow can look dreamy! A tree with snowflakes settling on the branches, a lamp post accumulating snow on top, giving it a little hat. Or whether it just sits on the ground. Snow.. It might cause that many problems to some people that it drives them mad, but if it's snowing near you, be a child again. Get your gloves on, wrap up warm, squeeze your wellies on over 10 pairs of socks and go and throw snowballs, go and make a snow man! Then when your done being wild and spontaneous get a hot bubble bath and warm up with a steaming cup of tea before you get frost bite on your fingers!

I hope this has been a delightful read and motivated you all to go and be wild! Enjoy it while it lasts my beans before it all turns to sludge! Thank you for reading! Toodles.. 

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