Saturday, 19 January 2013

The beginning!

Well this is the first of many mad blogs that are going to explore the wild nature of my mind... Trust me, it's REALLY wild... To start with I think a slight introduction about me is in order, I am 17, studying my A levels.. rather badly at the moment (soon to get better I hope) I live in the countryside which is full of natural beauty! My friends call me mad and weird, sometimes I can take it as a compliment, who wants to be normal, right? Being different is what it is all about! Also I am a keen hockey player, I have currently being playing for 8 years! I have so many scars and injuries I am surprised I can still breath. Another of my hobbies is photography! Catching the wildest, most beautiful and spur of the moment images is what I attempt to do! Isn't it magical how much one photograph can hold?! A picture can hold a thousand words as they say? Too right. Hopefully I will be able to upload some of my past photo's on here for viewing!

Woah. Here comes my first topic to ramble about, are you ready? SO, trying to find a font that I really like is hard.. It always is, you must find it a tricky one too? When you open Word or another mad publication that gives you the choice of 101 different fonts! How do you choose just one to write with?! I am rather partial to the "Arial Narrow".. a personal favorite! Wouldn't it just be easier to have a standard font that was comfortable for everyone to read with ease? Rather than the huge list that can leave you scrolling through changing your mind about it every few minutes because a certain letter doesn't look quite right? Or is that just me? (Don't lie, I know it's a universal problem) 

Well I think that is enough rambling for today, an introduction of me and a small ramble on how confusing finding the right font can be! I will return soon for another spontaneous outburst on something that probably no one cares about! For now, I bid you a farewell .. but not for long. Not long at all. ;) 

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