Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Well I might as well continue with the winter theme as the weather still seems to be making everything that little bit harder :) which for me... I like, it's amusing. Wandering down to the bus stop this morning I found myself sliding down the pavement, it was scary yet fun! All I could hear was the crunching and cracking of the ice beneath my feet. *Imagine walking across a frozen lake, hearing the ice moving under your steps, dreading the moment where it is going to shatter and you will get sucked into the murky water swirling around below* Basically that's what I pictured myself doing this morning, I have a lovely imagination sometimes, but trust me, it was a near death experience walking down there today. Luckily I managed to get to the assigned place where I meet a friend before we continue the rest of the way... she too was having the same issues as me. Although she failed to imagine herself making the dangerous adventure across the lake of ice. After finally arriving at the stop we stood there in the freezing cold as normal (you may remember my past complaints about the buses reliability) and guess what happened my friends? Go on... guess... If you said "the bus didn't come" I would shake your hand. You are correct. after 40 minutes freezing our asses off for no reason, we finally decide we are going to have to find another way to get to school. 
*Skipping a few boring hours*
Now it is the end of the day... and as usual, whilst in a rush trying to leave school I get stuck behind some gossiping children who are walking no faster than a snails stroll. Today it was worse, they managed to walk even slower, whilst flinging their hands and arms in all directions because they cannot keep their balance on the ice (as much as it amused me watching everyone squirm around, it angered me GET SOME BETTER SHOES YOU IDIOTS) so every time I managed to walk around one group I would soon find myself yet again stuck behind another. It was hell. The basic point of this pointless blog, is that I hate ice and I hate children. They are not good together at all. Although, I do like my friends begging me for help when they slide around :') I am too mean to help though, sorry guys. 

Hope you have all had a safe day on the ice! Beware, it's slippy.

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