Monday, 21 January 2013


Can't really remember his name.. but he was cute.
Grey Owl 
Golden Eagle 
Golden Eagle, my favorite photo. 

Angry Little Owl, the facial expressions he pulled for me were adorable.
Golden Eagle catching the rabbit
 The photo's that you can see above here were all taken when I got the opportunity to take part in a Falcon Day. A small group of us were allowed access to eagles, owls and other birds of prey for the day to take photo's of. We also got the chance to hold the Golden eagles! THEY ARE HEAVY BEASTS. If you get the chance to go on something like that, take it. Even if your not really into birds or photography, I can guarantee you will have a smashing day out and even with the simplest of camera's you can get the best shots! Have a go!

Otter omnomnoming on a fish!

Close-up of a peacock feather.

Sticking his tongue out.. It makes me chuckle every time!
This is just a mad bird. Just managed to take the photo at the right time! 
 These shots here were taken when I was on holiday in 2011. We went to an otter sanctuary, we had also visited this place 2 years earlier, but we went back to see the otters and other animals again. Yet another great day out with the chance to take some shots of animals in the weirdest of positions as you can see with the dear there... You may think that some of the photo's are a little beginnerfied... yes they might look like that, but I hate altering my photo's on photoshop or any of the other programs available. If the shot I take doesn't look as good as it could with a little changing then Oh Well! It was how I took it, the photo holds a memory for me, whether it is good or bad quality! That last photo of the bird is one of my favorite, it's amusing to me and my family, I don't know whether others see it as funny? 

The view from Cothele House, Aqueduct.

Cothele House.

The Gardens!

My granddad's favorite flower - a dahlia.

My family and I went on a canoe trip to a place called 'Cothele Quay', our canoeing skills were something to behold... It ended up with me and dad racing some 18 year old's under the aqueduct whilst trying to not hit the structure.. Mother was in charge of steering at the back, safe to say, she could not cope with the speed dad and I traveled at. The river we were on was about 40ish meters wide... and I am ashamed to say.. we managed to hit the reed beds on EITHER side. That was how bad the steering was. The photo's above are from the House that was above the Quay. It had fantastic gardens and ponds to look around. That's where the photos came from :)

A gull taking off...

Tern with a fish!

I think it just landed...

These final photo's are from Brownsea Island. We went on a boat trip here for the day whilst on holiday. The island was small but held a lot of history, along with red squirrels and some adorable dear. If you haven't heard of this place, give it a Google and get yourself down there this summer! It's worth it, have a lovely stroll and admire some sites.

I hope you like the photo's I will upload some more on later when I have new ones. Feel free to leave comments on your opinions of them, which are your favorites perhaps? 

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  1. Awesome photos! Love the one of the turkey!! :)