Friday, 10 May 2013

A return & the zoo

Well hey there my readers and fellow bloggers! :) I think it has been about 5 weeks since my last post! Although I have to say not much has really happened since then, I have been very boring... although this post is one I wanted to use to show my journey to the zoo :) So here goes... 

It was my 17th birthday on the 1st of May, so as a present mum and dad took me and my boyf, Chima, to the zoo! :) YAAY! Well I know many of you may be thinking that this is a bit of a silly present for a 17 year old, BUT my friends, the zoo is amazing no matter how old you are. Besides we mainly went for the photos, as you may have seen I love photography, and my parents much more so! :) ANYWAY, Saturday the 4th we went to Chester Zoo! It was about a 2 hour drive, but it was very very very worth it :) twas a sunny day too! I will share some photos with you :) 

The sun was reflecting off it's feathers.... 

Blue Butterfly :) 

Close up of another Flutterby :) 

Yawning Cheetah 

Not the best image  of an elephant :( 

Lion :) 

Ickle Meerkat :) 

Two meerkats :) 

Pretty butterfly!

Tiger.... LOVE this one :') 

Zebra... omnomnoming :)
Licking it's nose? YUM.
So there you go :) these are the photos I took, not all obviously, I think I took about 300 :) As you do... these are the best I think that I can show :) I particularly  love the tiger and the cheetah :) although they are my favorites, I don't know about you :) I hope you enjoy them all too... 
Anyway :) the actual day was lovely! We got there about 11 after a 2 hour journey, although dad was moaning so much that he was hungry we had to eat before we got to look at any of the animals, sadly, the giraffes were being cleaned out when we wanted to see them, so mum was a little miffed because they were what she wanted to get a photo of the MOST! Sad times.... Other than that the day was great :) it was fun and the sun was shining on us! Yaay :) 

So I think that's enough blabbering for now :) I hope you enjoy the photos again, just to say... GO TO THE ZOO PEOPLE, IT'S SO MUCH FUN. TTFN :) hope to do another post soon.... :) BYE! <3 

Micky xxx


  1. Awesome fun post. Loved it ;)

    Happy B-Day.

    Follow each other.

    1. Thank you very much :) I am glad you loved it!

      Will do :)

  2. beautiful photos!
    we always go to the zoo for our birthdays too. doesn't matter how old you are, it's always fun! ^^

    1. Thank you! Most definitely, I will always want to go no matter what my age haha :) thank you for the read!