Thursday, 4 April 2013


Well... hey again, it has been a week now of holiday! A week already... woah. Although I am meant to have done so much revision, yet I seem to do some, then forget it all or lose it all in my head somewhere... How? I do not know. I have always been useless with revision, but this year it is really annoying me because I need to do so much more than I have ever done. There are people at school who have got folders and folders of revision.. and then there is me, with a page or so! I just can't seem to write it all down in a way that I remember. So I get pressured by my parents and teachers at school.. mind maps, essays, fact sheets... I have done some of these, but nothing seems to work for me. 

My history is what I need to revise the most, although amazingly the school email isn't working for me, which is a great time! I joke. It has made me so angry because I have no way of emailing my work to my teachers for marking. It's infuriating... as well as my revision that is taking up so much time I have over 20 pieces of course work to do.. Urgh. Wish me luck. 

If you have any comments or advice to give on revision techniques, feel free to comment..! Thanks xxx

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