Monday, 27 May 2013

Baking some cupcakes.. yum

Well hey there :) Today, I had a whale of a time baking... I was going to do some yesterday but came across the small problem of there being no sugar *gasp in horror*... so anyway, I decided to do plain cupcakes.. then I had a better idea... I was going to spice it up a little ;) I then decorated them, now you may think they look terrible but my friends... this is the best I have ever made cupcakes and I personally impressed myself. Although mum wasn't impressed considering her kitchen looked like a bomb had hit a flour factory (everyone has to agree that stuff goes everywhere) Oh and also I have died red hands and also tints of blue, I look magical ^_^ This is the outcome! :)
The very first two decorated

Spicing it up with red and blue and two hearts...
The top 12 ;) 

Reserved for the boyf :') 

The not so good lot :( 

We had a breakage... Mr. Duck got a snapped neck...

My ingredients are a simple 4 things... 4 duck eggs (they are meant to be better for baking, so I might as well use them as I have egg laying ducks in the garden) 8oz of self raising flour, 8oz of butter and then 8oz of sugar :) Although today I did about 12 oz of everything to match how much the eggs weighed.. smush all that together my friends and the outcome are some pretty yummy treats :) add your own toppings, icing, sugar, sweets, sprinkles! You name it, whack it on :) 

I would do the complete recipe but I have already done it on a past post.. so if you want to know how to do it flick back on my blog to a couple of months ago :)

I haven't tried one yet... I probably should before I let others eat them. I could be murdered if they don't taste okay after all the mess I made haha :) I must defend myself and say that I did tidy it all a way myself, even if it did take about an hour and mum was having to shimmy around me to make tea. Happy baking readers :) thank you for your time ;) 

TTFN Micky xxxx


  1. Hi! Just found you via BBN -- these cupcakes are adoooorbs. My sister happens to be getting married in a few weeks and her color theme is very similar to this: love it. :D

    Kate x

  2. Thank you very much! Well congratulations to your sister! :)

    Thanks, Micky x