Sunday, 12 May 2013

Exam time

Now as every other 17 year old in school we are coming up to exam times... YAY... I joke, not yay at all... All this means is about 2 months where we want to scream, cry and rip our hair out. This is not a fun time of the year. Every teacher believes that their subject is more important, no matter what order the actual exams go in... for example, this weekend I had a psychology revision session at school, fair enough, although the exam isn't until NEXT month and my history exam is TUESDAY this week.. so I missed a day of revision for my nearest exam, hmm, I do not see the logic in having the revision session so far away from the exam, but hey :) 

For now, I have decided I am going to get early nights in bed, relaxing with a candle on my bed side table and my pretty little lights... this will be my de-stress time as I will spend from 6:30am until 8pm stressing, crying and wanting to rip out my own hair, much like everyone else :) 

So for all you readers out there who may have exams near now, I wish you all luck and the very best :) remember, be calm, don't be too much of a moose and rip out hair etc... deep breathing and possibly eating too much chocolate is the way forward from now me thinks :) TTFN <3 

Micky xxxx

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