Friday, 5 July 2013

Hello again...!

Hello again  everyone :) just thought I would inform you of my experiences now... Well I have been gone for a while, this is because even though my exams have finished I have still had tonnes of coursework to get through before the summer. Although because of my subject choices it means that I have had to do a mad rush with everything at the end, meaning.. I have got 11days left to do 7 days work experience and also the coursework that's left... you may think that's nothing, but I tell you now, that's a lot of work and very little time...

Now this week I have been at a care home doing my first few hours of work experience. The care home is for elderly ladies who suffer from dementia, to start with I was really worried about going because I am not the most confident person in the world and I hate meeting new people, but this experience has shown me so much. The first day I was welcomed by all the staff at the home who were all as lovely as the next, the residents there were also really lovely which straight away helped my nerves. I understand more and more why its important to go on placements to see what you enjoy and don't enjoy and I have to say, I loved my time at the care home. Sadly I finished there today for this year.. I had a really good day with challenging one resident who apparently was over 100 years old to a game of cards (I lost), seeing how much fun she was having really kept me smiling knowing that I was helping someone have fun for once...

Anyway :) that's all for now.. if anyone is deciding whether or not they want to work experience I strongly recommend it, it is really fun and rewarding and you get to see what you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

TTFN, Micky xxxx

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