Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A few more

So hey again, I haven't had any wonderful ideas recently about what I could write about that would be of any interest to you all.. SOOOO I have decided to show a few more photo's that I have taken, again, if you have already seen my blog then you may have seen the photo's but if not here you go :)

So there you go again, a couple more of my photo's some of them I am not completely happy with but hey, they will never be perfect :) I can't make my mind up though on that damn slug, it took me ages to find him but non of the photo's I took I was completely happy with, oh well :) Hope you like them!

Micky xxxx


  1. Great pictures. The key is to continue writing...the photography and writinf gets better with each day that you push yourself to explore many avenues.